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The Flag Island

The Flag Island is located near the Government Departments Buildings in Al Layyah next to Al Jubail Market. The flagpole at the Flag Island was the 7th tallest in the world at the opening date on 2nd of December 2012 and crowned with 15 x 30 metres flag.

The lighting of the pole and its surroundings is characterised by a unique design; it features lights all around the circle with a height of 3 meters. 7 mounted lights around the pole placed in 7 GRC stands, representing the seven emirates of the U.A.E., and lights distributed along the pathway leading to the flag pole with a height of 4.2 meters.

The Flag Island was designed to be a new attraction, turning the island into a touristic destination featuring varied recreational facilities including an open-air amphitheatre that accommodate 1000-person, 1971- Design Space and Jones the Grocer restaurant

Flag Island 004Flag Island 004
Flag Island 005Flag Island 005
Flag Island 003Flag Island 003
Flag Island 002Flag Island 002
Flag Island 001Flag Island 001