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Hatta Sport Tour(Kayaking, Hiking & Biking)

The most amazing adventure experience that takes you through unique itinerary which we have curated in Hatta where you have the chance to do kayaking, hiking and mountain biking in an integrated experience. Your tour starts with the pickup from Dubai or Sharjah to Hatta Dam.

You will be first experiencing the kayaking tour in vast lake that formed by Hatta Dam and its surrounding mountains. Your kayaking stops at the point where you guide will take you an adventure mountain hiking tour. Surrounded by the Hajar Mountains, hate is covered in undulating peaks and amazing rocks perfect for hiking.

You will hike through rough rock with stunning vantage points to take in the picturesque landscape and some wildlife sightings. Your 6 km hiking ends at the Hatta Valley & then the 6 km biking tour starts. You will be riding on a designated route and ends in Hatta Wadi Hub for your hotel pick up.

Kayaking at Hatta Dam- Standard

Guided 6 km Mountain Hiking tour from Hatta dam through Hatta Valley

Guided 16 km biking tour from Hatta valley to Hatta Wadi Hub

Mountain bike

Experienced guide during hiking and biking (English only)

Bottled water