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Evening Al Marmoom Bedouin Experience

Start this cultural adventure late afternoon and traverse the desert on a traditional camel caravan. Arrive at a hidden spot in the sand dunes to set up traditional majlis (Arabic for a place of sitting) to enjoy a sunset falcon show with a Bedouin and his beloved falcons and Saluki dog. Learn about the history of falconry and watch these majestic birds in full flight.

Explore the Bedouin village with your local host and learn about the daily customs and traditions of their culture. The village is built authentically out of raw materials like goat hair, based next to a beautiful desert oasis in Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve. Discover how Bedouin lived in harmony with their animals in the desert, watch handicraft and Arabic coffee-making demonstrations, visit a small souk and soak up the authenticity of the Bedouin village.

Watch the preparation of a typical Bedouin dinner at live cooking stations and enjoy a spread of traditional dishes like lamb tanoor (spiced lamb) and thareed (chicken stew). Enjoy the feast like a real Bedouin by sitting on the floor of the majlis, eating with your hands if you’re up for it!

Listen to stories shared by Bedouin and even learn a traditional performance in a close encounter with these legends of Arabia. End the evening with an informative Astronomy session and discover how Bedouin relied on the stars for storytelling and navigation.